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Conditions of rent and the requirement to the Tenant:

The Company «AUTOMIG» offers service a car hire to private persons and the organizations. You can address in item of hire and rent the car proceeding from own preferences. For the order of service it is necessary to give only documents  (the passport, the driver's license) and to issue the contract of rent. All procedure of registration car in hire borrows no more 30 minutes.

Special conditions for registration of rent of the car:

  • age not less than 21 years;
  • the Driver's experience not less than 2-st year;
  • At registration of the contract of rent of the car it is necessary to show the passport and the driver's license (for the non-resident  of the Russian Federation - the driver's license should correspond to the international sample - to the Convention on traffic)**;
  • the Fact of rent of the car proves to be true the contract of rent of a vehicle without crew, and also the certificate of acceptance.

* All deviations from the general requirements of rent are solved in the individual order.
** Under requirements of the State Inspection of Safety of Traffic (GIBDD) to the driver's license of foreign citizens notarially certified translation should be applied.

Model of the car

In a carpark of the company have following models of cars: DAEWOO, CHEVROLET, NISSAN.

The order of the car

You can preliminary order the car by phone or e-mail, having filled the form of the order-application " hire of the car " on a site of the company. The company guarantees rent of the chosen car only under condition of entering the deposit at a rate of the daily tariff.


The Daily tariff includes tariffs: cost of rent, maintenance service of the car, granting «another the car» for the period of servicing the rented machine, insurance. The tariff does not include cost of gasoline, paid parking’s, penalties. Cost of rent of the car.

Terms of rent

The Minimal term of rent of the car - one day. In coordination with the company the delay of return of the car at 3 o'clock is possible, thus each hour of delay is paid by the tenant separately.

Granting and return of the car

The Car in rent stands out /comes back pure, to the address of: Russia, Kaluga, lane Voskresenskiy, 29.

In addition

  • Delivery/return of the car taken in hire, outside of station of rent. Under the advanced order delivery of the car outside of station of rent for an additional payment is possible: on city - 300 rbl., at night: on city - 400 rbl.
  • In the order it is necessary to specify nameplate data of the tenant, and also contact phone. The place and time of delivery of the car stipulate the parties  preliminary. At the moment of delivery of the car the tenant should have at itself originals of documents (the passport  and the driver's license), and also qualitative x-copies of these documents.
  • Under the advanced order probably to hand  over/take the car in not working time for an additional payment at a rate of from 400 rbl.

If the car for long term is necessary for you, there is no necessity to buy it. You can simply take it in rent - and then you should not reflect on insurance, repair and regular service of the car, for you it will be made by experts of our company.

Kaluga city, lane Voskresenskiy, 29, floor 3, office 310.

Phone: +7 (4842) 40-01-15; +7 (4842) 79-55-72; +7-9206132464; +7-9533116095.

The car hire without the driver in a Kaluga.

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